Being a police officer for almost 13 years, I was a little suspicious when I first heard about the Arbonne opportunity and couldn’t understand how prosperous it could be. It wasn’t until I was open to being educated about Network marketing that I truly got the full potential and could see that there was no reason for me not to do this!  There was nothing to lose but so much to gain.   Once I finally decided to do this business I was full on in!  With the help of an amazing successline, we promoted to Region in 22 months.  This gave my family the financial freedom for me to leave a thankless career, so I would never miss another birthday or Christmas again. I am now able to be fully present in the lives of my children. Now my mission is to help others do something different so they can have something different for their own futures. This is truly the most exciting part of this business to me; helping others see there can be a different path to take is extremely rewarding.  Helping people is why I got into Policing to begin with.  I never fully understood the joy of helping others until I was able to see it completely in this business.