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“I didn’t think I was looking for something else and I thought being a stay at home mom was what I was best at. It wasn’t until Janice showed me how I could incorporate this business into my life and still be the best mom I could be while showing my children that they could do anything they put their minds to. I am most grateful for my children seeing me as a business owner and striving for more out of life”

Karen Lane-GroenArea Manager/Former Teacher

“Because Janice was patiently persistent with me I realized that this business was the life line I was looking for. I could accomplish so much through this opportunity and help others build a life by design. I was able to leave my full-time job as a police sergeant and no longer miss out on my kids important moments. That was a gift”

Debbie McGreal-DinningRegional Vice-President/Former Police SGT

“Because Janice introduced me to the Arbonne Skincare Line, I was able to leave me house without makeup which I had not done in years. The results were so remarkable it gave me confidence I didn't know I was missing. It just made sense to become a consultant to share that with others”

Lindsay VeljklovicDistrict Manager/911 Dispatcher

“When I was first introduced to Arbonne, Janice showed me how my biggest hesitation in being a sales person was not something I needed to be worried about. With Arbonne we educate and show people how making smarter, healthier, and safer choices can also teach them how to turn an expense into an income. I’m so thankful that she showed me this as it's so much more than I could have imagined in my previous career”

Jodi BillardArbonne District Manager/Project Manager

“There's a big difference between being an employee and owning a business ~ get to know the "big picture!" Janice shared my "light bulb moment" with the the compensation plan...... the difference between being an employee, self-employed, a big business-owner, or an investor.... and how your network marketing business with Arbonne fits in to the BIG PICTURE!”

Tammy Billard/ Dog Trainer Arbonne Consultant

“Arbonne was the business that always made sense and I realized it was only my fear that was holding me back. When My son finally said, "Mom, just do it" I knew he was watching and I had to be the example of stepping out and feeling the fear and doing it anyway. My kids are so proud and my daughter cannot wait to jump in in 6 years. I am showing them how to be brave and step out of their comfort zones”

Colleen Casale/ Executive Assistant

“I am so grateful for the day I was able to tell my daughter that I was retiring from policing so I could be home with them. My daughter was overcome with emotion, and sobbed because she was so happy. The gift of this business has given me time and I'm most grateful that my children get to see me happy everyday.
Thank you Arbonne for this amazing gift of freedom ”

Janice Moreton/ previous Police Officer, Executive Regional Vice President

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